Invisalign Clear Braces for Council Bluffs Residents

A straight smile can work wonders for your appearance, but you probably don't want the hassle and immature image associated with traditional metal braces. Dr. Smith and Dr. Jackson understand that you've invested in your sophisticated appearance, and as Invisalign-certified dentists, they can straighten your smile with invisible orthodontics designed for image-conscious adults and older teens.

Made from clear acrylic, Invisalign clear braces offer many advantages over traditional orthodontics:

  • Esthetics. With Invisalign invisible orthodontics, only you and the dentist will know you're receiving treatment.
  • Freedom. Take the aligners out to eat, floss, and brush, or on special occasions.
  • Time. Many patients complete treatment with Invisalign in 12 months or less.

When you visit us for Invisalign clear braces, Dr. Smith or Dr. Jackson will use 3D imaging technology to design your custom treatment plan. Every two weeks, you'll discard your old aligner and move to the next in your series. You won't have to schedule those pesky adjustment appointments required with traditional braces. Instead, you'll come in every six weeks for a brief visit so that Dr. Smith or Dr. Jackson can make sure your treatment is on track.

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